Massage By JP
Services and Rates

My standard starting point is an Integrative Therapeutic Massage which to me means that I utilize multiple modalities and techniques that I have learned and prefer, to help achieve the clients and my treatment goals for them.  From that starting point, a session can be modified to more of one modality I use or another (some will require an additional upgrade fee of $10-$15 to total session).

Rates as of September 2023

I am offering to all out-of-pocket (non-coverage) clients, a five dollar discount on any of my services if you pay with cash. By paying with cash, you will help me save on the fees associated with other payment methods.

Some of the techniques, that may be utilized during a massage session (but not limited to):

  • Swedish or Classic Massage - consisted of the application of lubricant using long flowing strokes (effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, vibration) along the bare skin
  • Trigger Point Therapy – ischemic pressure   (compression/deep isolated) to specific “knotted” area (trigger points cause local pain or refer pain and other sensations, such as headache, in other parts of the body) for a given period of time (typically about 90 seconds)
  • Deep Tissue Techniques – slower strokes, sometimes with more pressure to reach deeper layers of the muscle and myofascial tissue
  • Range of Motion – therapist moves a joint (flexion, extension, rotation)
  • Stretching – therapist-assisted passive and/or active isolated
  • Mild traction – gentle pulling of the extremities and/or head/neck (spine)
  • Compression – applying held or rhythmic pressure (pushing, squeezing, pinching) to the muscle (may be used to calm spasm)
  • Hot/Cold Therapy - Mostly in the form of hydrotherapy, which is the use of water (hot, cold, steam, or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. Some tools are Stones (basalt, soap, ceramic or Himalayan salt), ice packs, hot packs (hydroculator), towels, or heating pad.
  • Mastication Muscle Treatment (Jaw) - Relieving trigger points and hypertonicity of the muscles that assist in chewing such as masseter, pterygoids, and temporalis that can cause headaches, ear pain, neck pain, etc; can assist with relieving temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. The therapist will have to enter the mouth with a gloved hand in order to reach some of the muscles.
  • Thai for the Table Massage - Rhythmic-like pressure along with yoga-like stretches are applied to the clothed (loose comfortable) body. Unlike traditional Thai Massage, this version was modified for the client to be on the table.  During a mixed session, when the body is not clothed, Thai techniques may be applied with proper draping.
  • Cupping - A traditional medicine technique (many cultures for thousands of years). Medical grade plastic, silicone or glass cups are placed (stationary) and/or slid across the body.  Massage Therapy scope, vacuum (suction) cups are utilized (flame/heated or bleed/wet cupping is not in our scope) and will remain stationary on the body for about 5 minutes.  Some benefits include improved blood flow, promote cell repair and reduce adhesions.


Jojoba oil (actually a wax) is my lubricant of choice. The reason I prefer jojoba is there are no other ingredients in it, it is virtually odorless, it is considered the closest to the natural oils in our skin (sebum), very few people are allergic to it, it doesn’t clog the pores (said to even clean them), it is also considered a fungicide and anti-inflammatory, very little is required to lubricate the skin (versatile for multiple modalities), it has an almost infinite shelf-life, it is a great carrier oil for essential oils.

Safety Precautions

Prior to the pandemic, Licensed Massage Therapists, like many health care providers have to follow safety protocols. In addition to those procedures that I already do, some of the other safety procedures I may follow are:

  • The office will be disinfected daily and/or throughout the day including treatment rooms, doorknobs, counter-tops, electronics, and restrooms.
  • I will wear a cloth, surgical or KN95 mask if requested and/or deemed necessary
  • Dirty linens will be removed from the treatment room after every client
  • I will monitor my health at the beginning of each day
  • If you wish me to wear gloves during your session, please let me know

Health Insurance Coverage

I wanted to try and clarify for those of you who are looking to receive Massage Therapy under health insurance.  First, Massage Therapy in this area is not covered by most health insurances plans.  It is very limited.  Second, receiving a doctor's script does not guarantee that your treatment will be covered by health insurance.  Your health insurance plan usually has to cover it first.  Third, before calling and requesting an appointment for Massage Therapy, please contact your health insurance provider and ask if Massage Therapy is covered (with or without script) under your plan so that there are no assumptions being made.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage$50 / 30 minutes
Integrative Therapeutic Massage$75 / 45 minutes
Integrative Therapeutic Massage$95 / 60 minutes
Integrative Therapeutic Massage$120 / 75 minutes
Integrative Therapeutic Massage$140 / 90 minutes